Dog Quotes

June 7, 2016

Dogs in Yellowstone


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

— Roger Caras

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”

— Johnny Depp

“Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate.”

— Sigmund Freud

“A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.”

— Barbara Kingsolver

“I care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.”

— Abraham Lincoln

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

— Groucho Marx

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

— Marilyn Monroe

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

— Will Rogers

“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

“If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons.”

— James Thurber

“Let sleeping dogs lie.”

— Robert Walpole

“To err is human—to forgive, canine.”

— unknown

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”

— Charles de Gaulle

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring—it was peace.”

— Milan Kundera

“Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.”

— Alexander Pope

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.”

— Samuel Butler

“It is scarcely possible to doubt that the love of man has become instinctive in the dog.”

— Charles Darwin

If your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t, either.

— unknown

“Any man who does not like dogs and want them about does not deserve to be in the White House.”

— Calvin Coolidge

“One of the happiest sights in the world comes when a lost dog is reunited with a master he loves. You just haven’t seen joy till you have seen that.”

— Eldon Roark

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.

— unknown

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.”

— George Graham

“The psychological and moral comfort of a presence at once humble and understanding—this is the greatest benefit that the dog has bestowed upon man.”

— Percy Bysshe Shelley

“Dogs really are perfect soldiers. They are brave and smart; they can smell through walls, see in the dark, and eat Army rations without complaint.”

— Susan Orlean

“There’s just something about dogs that makes you feel good. You come home, they’re thrilled to see you. They’re good for the ego.”

— Janet Schnellman

“No animal I know of can consistently be more of a friend and companion than a dog.”

— Stanley Leinwoll

“Dogs are often happier than men simply because the simplest things are the greatest things for them!”

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

“You can’t have a pristine house with ten dogs, and I’d rather have the ten dogs.”

— Glenn Greenwald

“Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch.”

— George Carlin

“The more I see of the depressing stature of people, the more I admire my dogs.”

— Alphonse de Lamartine

“I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.”

— John Steinbeck

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”

— Stanley Coren

“Hardly any animal can look as deeply disappointed as a dog to whom one says no.”

— Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

“You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.”

— W. Bruce Cameron

“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.”

— Konrad Lorenz

“A dog’s spirit dies hard.”

— Mikhail Bulgakov

“Dogs are the magicians of the universe.”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, smart or dumb. Give him your heart…and he’ll give you his.”

— Milo Gathema

“Many of the qualities that come so effortlessly to dogs—loyalty, devotion, selflessness, unflagging optimism, unqualified love—can be elusive to humans.”

— John Grogan

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

— Agnes Sligh Turnbull

“Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.”

— Emily Dickinson

“I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.”

— Doris Day

“I always like a dog so long as he isn’t spelled backward.”

— G. K. Chesterton

“We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet; and amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog has made an alliance with us.”

— Max DePree

“Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.”

— Diogenes

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

— Mark Twain

“A boy loves his dog.”

— Harlan Ellison

“Soon or late, every dog’s master’s memory becomes a graveyard; peopled by wistful little furry ghosts that creep back unbidden, at times, to a semblance of their olden lives.”

— Albert Payson Terhune